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POS Systems Hardware & Software offers a wide range of Point of Sale and POS Systems hardware and software, including complete system bundled packages that are ideal for use in most retail and restaurant markets, such as bar, fine dining, liquor store, grocery store, clothing store, and many more.

POS System Bundles - Whether a single lane mom/pop store or large multiple lane store, these POS system packages are ideal solution.
Retail POS system Packages
Retail POS bundles

From $945
Restaurant POS system Packages
Restaurant POS bundles

From $798
Liquor Store POS Packages
Liquor Store POS bundles

From $2259
Grocery Store POS Packages
Grocery Store POS bundles

From $2259
Deli POS system Package
Deli Shop POS bundles

From $2469

POS Hardware

We provide variety of reliable and high quality Point of Sale Systems hardware brands and models, including receipt printers, POS computers, barcode scanners, POS Monitors, Cash Drawers, POS Scales, and many more. Our product line also includes age verification devices such as ID scanners and drivers license readers to help merchants detect fake driver licenses, thereby reducing the chances of selling liquor or tobacco to minors, as well as identity fraud. The most popular and affordable brands of ID scanners we carry are the Viage CAV2000, CAV3000, and the Tricom ID-e Reader and the POS Age Verification Software. Below is the more detailed list of the POS products and related products we offer.

All-In-One Touch Computers
All-In-One Touch Computers
ELO Touch
LCD Touch Monitors
Touchscreen Monitors
ELO Touch
Logic Controls
Monitor Mounting Poles
Non-Touch Monitors
Non-Touchscreen Monitors
Think Computers

Barcode Readers
Barcode Readers
Symbol / Motorola
Metrologic / Honeywell
Datalogic / PSC
Hand Held Products
Cordless / Wireless Scanners
Age Verifiers
Age Verification Devices
Viage ID Scanners
Tricom ID Readers
MS7580 ID Scanner
ID Reader Software
Verifone 3700
Mobile Computers
Mobile Computers
Motorola / Symbol
Honeywell / Metrologic
Unitech PDT

Cash Drawers
Electronic Cash Drawers
MMF Cash Drawers
APG Cash Drawers
M-S Cash Drawers
Logic Controls
Manual Cash Drawers
Cash Drawer Organizer
Cash Tills / Lids
Cash Till and Lids
MMF Cash Till
MS Cash Trays
APG Cash Trays
Logic Controls Till
Pinpad, LCD Stand
Pinpad and LCD Monitor Stand
PinPad Stands
LCD Monitor Poles

Receipt Printers
Receipt Printers
Mobile/Wireless Printers
Printer Paper Rolls
Receipt Printer Paper Rolls
Epson Paper Rolls
Star Paper Rolls
Citizen Paper Rolls
Samsung Receipt Paper
Ithaca Printer Paper
TPG/Axiohm Paper
Printer Ink Ribbons
Receipt Printer Ink Ribbons
Epson Printer Ribbons
Star Printer Ribbons
Citizen Printer Ribbons
Samsung Ink Ribbons
Ithaca Ink Ribbons
TPG/Axiohm Ribbons

Barcode Printers
Barcode Label Printers
Cognitive / TPG
Mobile Barcode Printers
Barcode Labels
Barcode Lables and Tags
Cognitive Labels
Sato Barcode Labels
Zebra Barcode Labels
Datamax Labels
TSC Printer Labels
Barcode Ribbons
Barcode Printer Ribbons
Cognitive Ribbons
Sato Printer Ribbons
Zebra Printer Ribbons
Datamax Ribbons
TSC Printer Ribbons

Card Printers
Card Printers
Zebra Card Printers
Slot Readers
Barcode Slot Readers
Unitech Slot Reader
IDTech Slot Reader
Keychain Scanner
MSR Reader / Writer
Magnetic Stripe Encoder
Unitech MSR Encoder
IDTech Mag Stripe Encoder

Card Readers, MSR
Magnetic Stripe Readers
ID Tech
Logic Controls
Mobile Card Readers
Mobile Card Readers
Unimag / Shuttle
Check MICR Readers
MICR Check Readers
MICR Imager
Excella STX

Scanner / Scales
Scanner - Scales
Stratos 2300
Stratos 2400
Magellan 8300
Magellan 8400
Magellan 8500
POS Interface Scales
POS Interface Scales
NCI 6720
NCI 6712
NCI 6710
NCI 6702
Price Scales
Price Computing Scales
CAS EB Series
CAS S2000Jr
CAS S2000
Ohaus RA Series
Ohaus RE Series

Label Printing Scale
Label Printing Scale
CAS LP-1000 Bench Scales
Bench Scales
Ohaus FD Series
Ohaus BW Series
Valor 1000
Valor 2000
Valor 3000
Valor 5000
Shipping Scales
Shipping Scales
NCI 7820
NCI 7820R
NCI 7829
NCI 7880

Pole Displays
Customer Pole Displays
Logic Controls
Partner Tech
POS Keyboards
POS Keyboards
ID Tech
Logic Controls
Partner Tech
Kitchen Display
Kitchen Display Bump Bar
Logic eNet 6000
Bump Bar Keyboard

POS & Payment Processing Software

Cash Register Express is a feature-rich and robust POS system software for retail store applications. CRE is very beneficial to retail business owners because using the software helps them increase accuracy and efficiency at their store. CRE also helps in managing inventory and getting operating costs down. This simple and easy to use POS software has all the features that most retailers desire, including cash management, inventory tracking, customer loyalty, credit card payment processing, employee time clock, and employee labor scheduling. It also includes detailed and robust reporting functions to help retailers and store managers make smarter and quicker business decisions.

Restaurant Pro Express is a Point of Sale System Software for restaurant applications. RPE is touch screen compatible, and provides easy and fast operation, accurate and fast order taking, and detailed report functions. RPE software provides features mostly needed by fine dining and table service restaurants, fast food restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, pizza parlors and pizzerias, delis, ice cream shops, and many other types of restaurants and bars. Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express can be used in a single store, single station mom and pop store, or in a medium or large store with multiple, networked stations.

POS Software
Point of Sale Software
Cash Register Express
Restaurant Pro Express
Payment Software
Payment Processing Software
IC Verify
Barcoding Software
Barcoding Software
Barcode Express Software

Remote Environmental Monitoring Devices

We also offer easy to use Sensaphone remote environmental monitoring systems to allow merchants and facility owners monitor their store or facility for environmental conditions such as temperature, power failure, water leak, network connectivity, unauthorized entry, and more. These Sensaphone remote monitoring devices are also used to remotely monitor the environmental conditions in computer rooms / data center, vacation homes, greenhouses, water treatment plants, cold storage facilities, agribusiness plants, wastewater facility, hvac, oil and gas plant, industrial and chemical plants, and more.

Web 600

Sensaphone SAT4D
Sensaphone SAT4D

Sensaphone 2800

WSG30 Web based remote monitoring device and wireless sensors

Sensaphone Express FGD-6700
FGD-6700 Express II

Sensaphone Cell 682

Sensaphone 2000

SCADA 3000
SCADA 3000



Temperature sensors
Sensaphone Accessories

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Read This Before You Buy Your POS Computer.

POS Computer
Not every computer is ideal for POS. In a typical Point of Sale setting, each checkout register or station has its own computer, and all the necessary POS hardware and computer peripherals are connected to this computer. When buying a POS computer, you need to consider the interface ports available on the computer, Memory (RAM) size, processor type and speed, size of hard drive, etc.

Why Computerize Your Cash Register

Computerized POS Systems offer many advantages over conventional cash registers. A standard computerized cash register consists of POS computer, touch screen or non-touch screen monitor, bar code scanner, inventory control software, receipt printer, cash drawer, and pole display. Optional components such as cash register scale, handheld inventory tracking devices, and payment processing devices can be added as needed. For more details, see the benefits of computerized POS system.

Reduce Errors with MaxStick Labels & Receipt Papers

MaxStick labels for Epson TMT88
Food service restaurants can cut delivery errors in half by using MaxStick label or tag. No more hand written information. You can place MaxStick labels on boxes, bags and containers, and may be removed or replaced easily without leaving any sticky residue. Label remains secure without falling off for as long as needed.

Medical and Diagnostic applications may use MaxStick labels in pharmacy, emergency, charting and other labeling requirements. For retail stores, product price and description changes are easily made with removable MaxStick label. Also, MaxStick label allows warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities to maintain accurate inventory records. Epson TMT88 Restick Printer is the thermal printer that works properly with the MaxStick label to accomplish these tasks.

Mobile Payment Processing

iDynamo on Cell Phone
Card Reader with iPhone
Process payments on-the-go with this Mobile Card Reader attached to your cell phone.

Best Selling Laser Scanner of The Year

MS9520 Laser Scanner
Buy now - $135
This reliable handheld and hands-free laser barcode scanner comes in a kit that includes all you need to start scanning.

Bundled POS Systems for:

Deli Ice Cream Shop Bar Coffee Shop Dollar Store Liquor Store
Clothing Store Gift Store Jewelry Store Rental Store Flower Shop Cosmetics Shop
Cell Phone Store Convenience Store Candy Shop Food Delivery Grocery Store Fast Food
Fine Dining Pizza Restaurant Cafeteria Hardware Store Shoe Store Other Retail Stores