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POS-X EVO TM2A Touch Monitor -

Designed to set a new industry standard for value, the EVO Touch Monitor by POS-X combines a sleek new look, re-enforced touch panel, and cable management built into the base. With a fresh new look contained in a small footprint, a screen rated at over 50 million touches per location, the EVO TM2A Touchscreen monitor looks great yet can withstand even the heaviest use applications.

EVO TM2The POS-X EVO TM2 TouchScreen Monitor at affordable low price

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Part # EVO-TM2 Touchscreen Monitor  
EVO-TM2A EVO, TM2A, 15-inch, Touch Monitor, Resistive, VGA, USB & Serial, Black
$369 Qty
EVO-TM2B EVO, TM2B, 17-inch, Touch Monitor, Resistive, VGA, USB & Serial, Black
$439 Qty
EVO-MR2 EVO, MSR, Card Reader Attachment to the side of monitor, 3-Track, USB, for EVO-TM2, Black
$85 Qty
EVO-TM2-POWER Power Supply, for EVO-TM2
$49 Qty
EVO-RD2-LCD8 EVO, Integrated 8.4-inch LCD Rear Display, Serial, for EVO-TM2, Black
$219 Qty

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