7820R Shipping Scale
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Weight Scale - Brecknell 7820R Parcel Mailing & Shipping Bench Scale

Avery Brecknell 7820R scale is a parcel shipping and mailing bench scale with remote display, dual RS232 Serial, and USB interfaces. The 7820R scale has NTEP and Canadian Weights and Measures approvals, to ensure accuracy. The scale is reliable and easy to use. With its fast digital response and compact design, low profile base, the 7820R scale is perfect for packaging and shipping room environments.

The Avery Brecknell 7820R is simple to use, durable, accurate and reliable. The remote display can be placed in a convenient location to allow the user to view the weight, zero the scale, or send weight data.

This scale fits into any operation as a stand-alone scale, interfaced to shipping manifest software, or receiving station.
7820R scale with remote display
Shown with standard flat
shroud & remote diplay
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Part# Description  
AWT05-508643 Avery Brecknell, 7820R Scale, 150lb, Remote Display, Ball Top, 2 RS232 and 1 USB Interfaces. (Order interface cable separately)
$559 Qty
9503-17230 Avery Brecknell, 7820R Scale, 150lb, Remote Display, 2 RS232 and 1 USB Interfaces. (Order interface cable separately)
$458 Qty
Scale 7820R Options & Accessories
7200-15145 Avery Brecknell, 9 Ball Top for 7820R Scale
$165 Qty
7200-14837 Avery Brecknell, 12" Pole only, for 7820R Remote Scale Display
$68 Qty


•   Fast digital response - Speeds weight processing time.
•   Compact low profile base - Fits easily into any operation and provides convenient mobility.
•   Simple to Use - Reduces operator training time.
•   Remote Display - Six-digit LCD display housed in an extruded enclosure with a 7-foot cable,
    connected via RJ45 connector on the rear of the scale.
•   RS-232 Cable - DB 9-Pin, Null Modem Female connector allows for connection to a computer.
•   Emulation Protocols - Standard NCI default with field configurable settings of 8213, 3835, SMA,
    and Auto Weight Send. This allows you to select compatible scale communication settings or
    scale drivers during field installation when interfacing with shipping software programs or host devices.
•   High resolution mode - H command accesses increased resolution.
•   Calibration - Alternate span points can simplify field calibration using less than full capacity weights.
•   Overload protection - Overload stops located in base of scale. Helps to protect load cell
    and extend the scale's life.
•   Front mounted 1 / 2 H, 6 digit LCD -
•   Scale or Weight Classifier configurations are internally configurable

•   Ball-top weight platter - Simplifies transport of all parcels and ideal for conveyer lines.
•   Display Post - 12#34 high post for attachment to remote display.
•   Remote Display - Six-digit LCD housed in an extruded metal enclosure with tactile keys
    and a 7 ft. cable.
•   International Power Supply - 230 VAC, 50 Hz power supply. Cable terminated with
    a universal connector.


Capacity and Resolution:
100 lb 0 - 100 lb x .02 lb
150 lb 0 - 150 lb x .05 lb

14( L) x 12( W) x 4.1( H)

Stainless steel weight platter and a painted die cast aluminum base

Zero - With Auto zero tracking for zeroing the scale Test- Runs a diagnostic program to assure the scale is fully functional

Approx. 23 lbs

120 VAC +10% - 15%, 60Hz, standard 3 wire ground
230 or 240 VAC + 10% - 15%, 50Hz optional

NTEP approved for NIST Handbook 44
Class III commercial applications (COC # 95-070)
Canadian Weights and Measures (# AM-5076 Rev 2)
CSA/CAN C22.2 M950

Operating environment:
42 to 104 F (5 C to 40 C), Class III device
Humidity 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing

RS-232, bi-directional, configurable 1200 - 19.2K Baud.


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