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POS Systems Reseller Application

Become a Point of Sale System reseller - Barcode Scanners, Cash Drawers, Receipt Printers, POS Software, and more.

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  We are interested in working with computer and sales professionals or organizations. If you or your organization are interested in becoming one of our resellers, please, fill out our Reseller application form below.

  • Energetic and enthusiastic in seeking and making sales
  • Knowledge of computer systems and/or point of sales systems
  • Eager to make sales and installation deals
  • Willing to follow up on customers who need your support
  • Unlimited income
  • Work at your own time and schedule
  • Free unlimited support
  • Receive profitable and reasonable dealer pricing
  • Provide you with advice on hardware selection
  • Provide you with sales information sheet and demo
Termination of a Registered Reseller:
A registered reseller who has not communicated with us for an extended period of time, and also failed to respond to our inquiries is considered inactive, and subject to termination. After we determine that a registered reseller has become inactive, we will send out a final notice to them as to the termination of their reseller status. If they fail to respond to our final notice within 30 days, then we reserve the right to remove them from our list and program.

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