POS Systems by Semicron Systems VeriFone Payment Terminal with Tricom Age Verifying software can now serve as payment processing terminal as well as ID Checker. No phone line needed. Do you already have a VeriFone Terminal? Simply download the Age Verification Software into the device and work along side your Credit card application. Order by phone1-866-334-8194
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VeriFone Payment Terminal with Age Verification Software

VeriFone Omni 3700 Series payment processing terminal, models 3750, 3740, 3730, 3730LE and the new Vx510 / Vx570 series, loaded with Tricom Age verifier software, now allows you to use the device as a Credit Card Payment Terminal as well as driver's license and ID reader, for age verification. Helps you detect fake or altered driver license and ID cards. The Age Verification software is compatible with all USA States and Canadian Provinces with magnetic striped and/or bar coded driver's license. The Verifone Terminal can ship with the Age Verifier software installed, or the software can be downloaded into your existing VeriFone Credit Card Terminal, right in your store, and it works alongside your Credit card application. As a stand-alone terminal, one device does it all. No phone line needed. No more too many devices on your POS counter. The age verification system is very easy to use. Just hit a key on the terminal to switch between Credit Card processing operations to Age Verification operation. See Details.

The age verifier software can be downloaded to any model of the VeriFone Omni terminal, right over the phone line. No hardware cost to you if you use your existing terminal. To read Bar coded driver licenses, you may need the optional 2D Barcode Reader to attach to your VeriFone Terminal. This software is perfect for Liquor Stores, C-Stores, Bars, Private Clubs, and more. Whether for Drug Stores, Fireworks Stores, Gentlemen's Clubs, or Adult Stores, your business may be able to benefit from the many features of this age verification system.

Omni 3700 with e-Seek
Verifone Omni
with E-Seek 2D reader
• Use your existing VERIFONE Terminal or purchase
  from us, a Verifone Terminal for AGE VERIFICATION.
• Quick and easy - download software right over the phone
• Have your Age Verification the SAME DAY
• No dedicated phone line needed

• Print on Demand
• Batch Reports
• VIP / Ban Customers
• Complete Reports
• Have Customers Swipe CC and DL & then
  Sign for Anti-Charge-back feature.
Omni 3700 Age Verifier software
Verifone Omni
with Age Verification

Verifone VX570 with Barcode Reader
Omni 2D Age Verification Package (Standing) -
For use in Barcode and Magnetic Stripe States.

Package includes Verifone Omni VX570 Terminal, 2D E-Seek Barcode Reader,
USB Cable, Age Verification Software (Download). See Details.

$1195.00 Qty  

Portable VX570 with Barcode Reader
Omni 2D Age Verification Package (Portable) -
For use in Barcode and Magnetic Stripe States.

Package includes Verifone Omni VX570 Terminal, 2D E-Seek Barcode Reader,
USB Cable, Carrying Case, Age Verification Software (Download). See Details.

$1250.00 Qty  

Omni 570 with Age Verifier Software
Omni Magnetic Stripe Age Verification Package - For use in Magnetic Stripe States ONLY
Package includes Verifone Omni VX570 Terminal and Age Verification Software (Download). See Details.


Omni 570 with ID Checker Software
Age Verification Software ONLY
For those who have their own Verifone Terminal.
Purchase the Age Verification Software only.(Download)
Software supports ALL Verifone Terminals. See Details.


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Privacy Statement

All users and owners of Age Verifiers are cautioned to be responsible in the use of the data reading and storage into the ID-e Reader. Erase data and records in accordance with applicable State Laws. Keep data and records out of reach of non-essential employees. Erase data and records when you no longer need them. Keep data and records only for legal defense.

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