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Datalogic Barcode Scanners - Handheld, Cordless, Wireless Scanners offers a wide range of Datalogic POS Scanners. The QuickScan QD2100 and QD2300 series are the economical handheld barcode readers capable of reading 1D linear barcodes. The QM2100 series are the cordless and mobile model of Quickscan that offer economical mobile operation for basic point-to-point radio communications. These image readers are ideal for retail point of sale and office applications. The Quick Scan L QD2300 scanner features a wide scan angle that makes it capable of reading longer barcodes.

The Datalogic Gryphon barcode scanners come in corded, cordless and wireless models. The corded Gryphon scanners include the GD4300 laser scanner, GD4100 linear imager, and the GD4400 2D imager. The mobile or cordless Gryphon scanners are the GM4100 imager and the GM4400 2D imager. There are also the GBT4100 and GBT4400 wireless scanners with bluetooth feature. The Gryphon Healthcare scanners are specifically designed for use in health care applications. They have disinfectant ready enclosures that have been treated with anti-microbial additives which help the imager to withstand the harsh disinfectant normally used in the day-to-day cleaning.

The PowerScan is the Datalogic industrial handheld and corrdless linear and 2D image readers designed for use in industrial and commercial environments where it is a requirement to read damaged barcodes and mixed symbologies under harsh conditions. The Power Scan PD7000 scanner is a corded, handheld imager, as well as the PowerScan PD71000 and the PD8500. While the Powerscan PM8500 is a cordless imager, the PowerScan PBT7100 imager is a cordless scanner with wireless Bluetooth feature. The PD8300 is a corded laser scanner, and the PM8300 is cordless. The PBT8300 is also a cordless or wireless laser scanner with Bluetooth technology. Power Scan scanners and imagers support most popular barcodes, and can capture signatures and images such as shipping documentations. If you are new to barcode scanners, you can read our tips on choosing a bar code scanner for your application.

General Purpose Barcode Scanners
Touch CCD scanner
Touch 65 / 90 Pro
CCD Scanners
Heron handheld scanner
Heron D130
QuickScan QD2100 Scanner
QuickScan QD2100
Quickscan QD2300 Scanner
QuickScan QD2300
Quickscan QM2100 Mobile Scanner
QuickScan QM2100
Gryphon GD4300 Scanner
Gryphon GD4300
Gryphon GD4100
Gryphon GD4100
Gryphon GD4400 Scanner
Gryphon GD4400
Gryphon GM4100 Mobile Scanner
Gryphon GM4100
Gryphon GM4400 Scanner
Gryphon GM4400
Gryphon GBT4100 Bluetooth Scanner
Gryphon GBT4100
Gryphon GBT4400 Wireless Scanner
Gryphon GBT4400
Gryphon Health Care Scanners
Gryphon Scanners
for Health Care

Rugged, Industrial Barcode Scanners
PowerScan PD7000 Scanner
PowrScan PD7000
PowerScan PD7100
PowerScan PD7100
Power Scan PD7000
PowerScan BT7000, Bluetooth
Power scan PD8300
PowerScan PD8300
PowerScan 8300
PowerScan PM8300 Mobile
PowerScan 8300 Bluetooth
Power Scan PBT8300
Power Scan 8500
Power Scan PD8500
Powerscan Mobile 8500
Power Scan
Mobile PM8500

On-Counter, In-Counter Scanner/Scales
Magellan 1100i Scanner
Magellan 1100i
Magellan 1400i
Magellan 1400i
Magellan 8300 Scanner Scale
Magellan 8300 Scanner/Scale
Magellan 8400
Magellan 8400 Scanner/Scale
Magellan 8500
Magellan 8500 Scanner/Scale

Symbol Scanners

Metrologic Scanners
Unitech Scanners

Datalogic Scanners
Handheld Scanners

Cordless Scanners
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