CAS LP1000 Scale
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CAS LP1000 Label Printing Scale - Prints Ingredient & Standard Labels

This thermal label printing scale features 4000 PLU capacity, 54 preset keys, 30 standard label formats, software, and many more.
It is friendly to use and easy to set up. LP1000 allows you to print ingredients on ingredient labels. With its ability to use the most
popular label formats, the scale is perfect for deli, supermarkets, grocery stores, and many more. It also features a thermal printer
and pre-Pack Mode for Automatic weighing and labeling. Options include Pole Model, Fish Platter, Cable, and Keyboard Wet Cover.

LP-1000N Label Printing Scale with Software
LP1000 printing scale LP1000 label picture

View sample labels
LP1000 with Pole Features:
• 30 x 0.01 lbs / 15 x 0.05 kg
• 5 / 6 / 7 (Weight/Unit/Total)
• Scale to Scale PLU Data Transfer
• Scale to PC & PC to Scale Data Transfer
• 54 Speed Keys
• 50 Character x 8 Line per PLU
• 58 mm x 30 mm / 58 mm x 100 mm
• 16.1(W) x 16.9(D)x7.8(H)

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Part# Description  
LP-1000N CAS, LP-1000N, Label Printing Scale, 30lb, 4000 PLU, without Pole Scale Display
$1338.75 Qty
Call for special price
LP-1000NP CAS, LP-1000N, Label Printing Scale, 30lb, 4000 PLU, with Pole Scale Display
$1423.75 Qty
Call for special price
JL12 Cable, RS232, 25 To 9-Pin Cable (Scale To Computer), for LP-1000 Scale
$28 Qty
7880-LP0-4100 Cable, RS232, 25 To 25-Pin Cable (Scale To Scale), for LP-1000 Scale
$28 Qty
1002-A00-0300 CAS, Fish Pan, for LP-1000 Scale
$89 Qty
6294-A00-0443 CAS, Printhead, for LP-1000 Scale
$199 Qty
2253-LP0-0000 CAS, Keyboard Wet Cover, for LP-1000 Scale
$15 Qty
ML-16 CAS, Software, for programming and configuring LP1000N Scale
$75 Qty
9000-A00-0062N CAS, User Manual for LP1000N Scale
$29 Qty
8000N Non-UPC Label for LP-1000N Scale, 1000 Labels/Roll, 12 Rolls/Case
$59 Qty
8010N UPC Label for LP-1000N Scale, 700 Labels/Roll, 12 Rolls/Case
$59 Qty
8020N UPC / Ingredient Label, for LP-1000N Scale, 500 Labels/Roll, 12 Rolls/Case
$59 Qty
8030N Non-UPC Label with Safe Handling, for LP1000N Scale, 600 Labels/Roll, 12 Rolls/Case
$59 Qty
8040N UPC Label with Safe Handling, for LP-1000N Scale, 500 Labels/Roll, 12 Rolls/Case
$59 Qty

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