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All-In-One POS Touchcomputer Terminals provides a wide range of reliable, affordable, and high quality All-In-One POS Touchcomputer Terminals with high degree of functionality and power in an integrated POS Computer. Brands of all-in-1 computers we carry include ELO Touch, Posiflex, Bematech, and POS-X EVO touch terminals. With their integrated card reader, LCD touchscreen monitor, customer display, and biometric fingerprint reader, these All-In-One Touchcomputer Terminals are suitable for retail, hospitality, and healthcare applications. Most of the units have been designed with Die-cast aluminum alloy frame with IP54 rating and are resistant to dust buildup, splashing water or oil, and provides bump-free operation.

Things To Consider When Purchasing All-In-One Touchcomputer

Before you purchase any All-in-One Touch Computer terminal, you need to be aware of the following:
• They do not come with CD/DVD ROM Drive. To install software, you will either download the software from online, or purchase and
  connect an external CD/DVD ROM Drive to the unit.
• They come in full Windows and POSReady versions. For the POSReady version, make sure your POS Software supports POSReady.

POS-X Touchcomputers - 3 Year warranty, Free 2-Day Advanced Exchange, Free Lifetime Tech Support

POS-X TP2 All-In-One Touchcomputers
  from $985
POS-X TP4 Touch Terminals
  from $1259

ELO Touchcomputers - 3 Year warranty

ELO 15-inch B-Series Touchcomputer
B-Series, 15"
  from $1135
ELO 17-inch B-Series Touch Computer
B-Series, 17"
  from $1275

ELO 19-inch C-Series
C-Series, 19"
  from $1398
ELO 22-inch C-Series Touch Terminals
C-Series, 22"
  from $1598
ELO 15-inch D-Series Touch Computers
D-Series, 15"
  from $1395
ELO 19-inch CM-Series
CM-Series, 19"
  from $1595

Posiflex Touchcomputers - 3 Year warranty.

Posiflex KS7200 Touchcomputers
  from $1199
Posiflex KS7300 Touch Computers
  from $1619
Posiflex JIVA 8300
JIVA 8000
  from $1385

Logic Controls Touchcomputers - 3-Year Warranty

Logic Controls SB9090 Touchcomputers
  from $1149
Bematech SB9015 Touch Computers
  from $1115
Logic Controls SB9011
  from $1029

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All-In-One POS Bundles:

All-In-One touchcomputer bundle
Retail POS Bundle with All-in-One Touchcomputer
- Includes 15" LCD Touch Terminal, Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, Card Reader, Payment Gateway, and Cash Register Express POS Software. Other POS Bundle options are available.

Restaurant POS Bundle with touchcomputer
Restaurant POS Bundle with All-In-One Touch Computer
- Includes All-In-One Touchcomputer with 15-inch LCD, Standard Cash Drawer, Thermal Receipt Printer, Credit Card Reader, and Restaurant Pro Express POS Software. Other restaurant POS bundles are available.

Stop ID Fraud - Age Verifier / ID Reader:

ID Scanner
Age Verifier For All US States & Canada
- Detect fake, expired, or altered ID. This dirvers license ID scanner helps you prevent selling alcohol, liquor and tobacco to Minors, and avoid costly fines. Idea for use in restaurants, bars, liquor stores, and any store that sells controlled substance.

Bundled POS Systems for:

Deli Ice Cream Shop Bar Coffee Shop Dollar Store Liquor Store
Clothing Store Gift Store Jewelry Store Rental Store Flower Shop Cosmetics Shop
Cell Phone Store Convenience Store Candy Shop Food Delivery Grocery Store Fast Food
Fine Dining Pizza Restaurant Cafeteria Hardware Store Shoe Store Other Retail Stores