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Unitech Magstripe Encoder & Decoder

The MSR206 is a versatile manual Magnetic Stripe Encoder Reader and Writer that offers card writing & reading solutions. It complies with ISO 7811-6 formats, and decodes / encodes, and verifies up to 3 tracks of card data simultaneously. It also provides a standard RS-232 Serial interface to communicate with a host system.

MSR206 encoder reads and writes high and low coercive force (300 - 4000 Oe). It writes and verifies card data on single track, dual track or triple track in one swipe. Its compact size allows it to be placed on most flat surfaces with little space. MSR206 ships with programming software to allow you complete your read / write projects easily, quickly and economically. This device is suitable for credit card verification and many other magstripe card related applications, including access control, student ID, staff ID, and many more.

MSR206 encoder Features:
• Compact, low cost and space-saving
• Read/write magnetic stripe cards
• Read/write high and low coercive force
• Complies with ISO 7811-6
• Write/verify card data in one swipe
• Standard RS232 interface for communication with host
• Programming software for DOS and Windows
• Programming software included
• 3-year warranty

More about MSR206

Part# Description  
MSR206-33U Unitech, MSR206, Magnetic Stripe Encoder, Triple Track, USB/Serial Interface, Programming Software, Power Supply.
$459 Qty
MSR206-77 Unitech, MSR206, Magnetic Stripe Encoder, Triple Track, USB with AMC-722 Emulation, Programming Software, Power Supply.
$699 Qty
3290001000 Unitech, Power Supply for MSR206
$59 Qty
5610679000 Unitech, RS232 Cable for MSR206
$32 Qty
5611481000-R Unitech, USB Cable for MSR206
$19 Qty

Magstripe Encoder - IDTech brand

IDTech EZwriter MSR encoder

IDTech EzWriter encodes and reads ISO, AAMVA, User Custom, and Raw-Data card formats - up to 3 tracks in a single card swipe. Writes and reads both high and low coercive magstripe cards. Buy now

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