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Point of Sale Systems Solution for Virtually Any Retail and Restaurant

Do you want to reduce theft, increase sales and profit, know your daily profit?
Do you want to get your detailed daily sales report figures, watch your margins?
Do you want to know what you sold, what you have left, and what you need to order?
Do you want to speed-up customer checkout, increase accuracy, and keep track of your customers?

This Point of Sale System Software solution is the answer. This is an ideal solution for streamlining your daily business operations, such as inventory tracking, customer transactions, and employee time and labor tracking. It is also networkable, and suitable for use in single station, multi-station/ multi-lane, or multi-store applications. Your business can benefit from this POS System because it is easy to use and allows your employees to ring up sales faster than most similar POS Systems on the market.

What You Need For Your Point of Sale System

A typical Point of Sale System or Computerized Cash Register system consists of POS hardware and POS Software. Essential POS hardware includes computer, monitor, receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner. Optional hardware such as credit card reader, pos keyboard, pole display, etc can be added depending on your needs. POS Software includes the Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express. As shown below, Cash Register Express is designed for any retail store, both for small, mom and pop, single store, and large, multiple station, multi-site retail outlet. Restaurant Pro Express is designed for restaurants, including bars, night clubs, cafeteria, Deli, Ice Cream shop, and more. Just as with Cash Register Express, Restaurant Pro Express is ideal for both small, single station and large, multi-station, multi-site outlets.

Cash Register Express Software
Retail POS System

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Restaurant Pro Express Software
Restaurant POS System

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You have two options available to you for purchasing a POS System. One option is to purchase the bundled POS package that includes the POS Software and standard hardware. We have put these POS packages together to make it easy for you to make a selection. You do not have to worry about which hardware works with the software. We have made sure that the hardware that comes with the packages is compatible with the software. Also, when we bundled the POS Packages, we applied a discount to it so that the price is lower than purchasing the POS components individually. Of course, we are very flexible. If you want to add, remove, or change any of the components in the bundle, we will be more than glad to do that. Another option you have is to purchase the POS components separately. This option is good if you know the required or compatible hardware to work with the particular POS software. For Retail or Restaurant POS, you can purchase a brand new computer, or use your existing computer. If you have a capable computer, pay special attention to the interface ports on your computer before you purchase your POS peripherals. Make sure the POS hardware you purchase has the proper interface to connect to your POS Computer.

A typical retail store or restaurant keeps monitor, bar code scanner, keyboard, and receipt printer, and other peripherals on the counter. The computer is placed under the counter. Cash drawer may be placed on the counter or mounted under the counter, depending on the size and type of cashdrawer. Most stores and restaurants use Cash Drawer with Organizer. The Cash Drawer Organizer sits on top of your cash drawer, and allows you to neatly place the Computer Monitor, Receipt Printer, Pole Display, and POS Keyboard on top of the Cashdrawer. With the Cash Drawer Organizer, your computer and cables are safely hidden below your counter, and out of sight. The result is a well organized, nice looking, and uncluttered counter.

Cash Register Express and Restaurant Pro Express POS Software have hundreds of built-in features that will allow you to manage your inventory and business. Increase throughput, customer satisfaction, and profits by streamlining your operations to be efficient. This POS Software is designed to provide the fastest customer checkout possible. Add inventory to your system anytime via the inventory maintenance screen or on the fly. Ringing up sales is very easy. You can separate your goods or inventory into department groups. You can configure your employees and track their log-in activities, hours and wages. Your inventory, sales history, and customer records are stored in your database. Credit Card processing functions are very easy to setup and use. Restaurant Pro Express and Cash Register Express POS Software are networkable, and support many different types of Cash Register Scales and Scanner Scales.

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General Features

• 32 & 64 Bit processing
• Touch Screen friendly
• Easy navigation
• Fast lookups
• Built in help system
• Bar code ready
• Fast processing
• Salesperson tracking
• Scale interface
• Works with portable POS
• Time Clock
• Customer history report
• Quickbooks compatible
• Invoices on hold
• Credit Card processing
• Built in backup
• Handles multiple clerks
• Multiple cash drawers
• Family memberships
• Coupon plans
• Gift certificates
• Customer accounts
• Freebies and specials
• Customer quick search
• Flexible pricing
• Prints mailing labels
• Flexible taxing
• Password protection
• Inventory reports
• Management reports
• Promotions
• Preferred customers
• Financial summaries
• Setup departments
• Line discount option
• Exportable report
• Unlimited department
• Multiple remote printers
• Stores old invoices
• Puts invoices on hold
• Purchase orders
• Detailed order history
• Recall reports
• Vendor tracking
• Inventory control
• Profitability reports
• Supports multiple
• Employee swipe cards
• Customer notes

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Cell Phone Store Convenience Store Candy Shop Food Delivery Grocery Store Fast Food
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