Ohaus FD Scale
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Ohaus FD Series Food Portioning Scale

The OHAUS FD Series Food Portioning Scale is a rugged, multi-use portioning scale designed for use in food service applications. Ideally suited for food portioning and check-weighing, the FD Food Portioning Scale combines an easily cleaned design, fast display and high precision load cell. Designed for use in restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturing and other areas requiring fast operation and flexibility, the Food Portioning Scale offers all-stainless steel construction, durability and cleanliness in one economical design.

Ohaus FD scale
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• All-stainless steel construction
• Checkweighing mode with 3 LED indicators and
  audible alarm, percentage weighing mode
• Bright backlit LCD display
• Stable weight display within 2 seconds
• Remote tare foot switch connection
• Integrated level bubble and adjustable feet
• Standard AC power adapter and 120-hour internal
  lead acid rechargeable battery pack

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Part# Description  
FD3 Ohaus, FD3, Food Portioning Scale, 6lb x 0.001lb / 3kg x 0.0005kg and 6lb x 0.002lb / 3kg x 0.001kg.
$449 Qty
FD3H Ohaus, FD3, Food Portioning Scale, 6lb x 0.0002lb / 3kg x 0.0001kg.
$494 Qty
FD6 Ohaus, FD6, Food Portioning Scale, 15lb x 0.002lb / 6kg x 0.001kg and 15lb x 0.005lb / 6kg x 0.002kg.
$449 Qty
FD6H Ohaus, FD6H, Food Portioning Scale, 15lb x 0.001lb / 6kg x 0.0002kg.
$494 Qty
FD15 Ohaus, FD15, Food Portioning Scale, 30lb x 0.005lb / 15kg x 0.002kg and 30lb x 0.01lb / 15kg x 0.005kg.
$449 Qty
FD15H Ohaus, FD15H, Food Portioning Scale, 30lb x 0.001lb / 15kg x 0.001kg.
$494 Qty
Part# Ohaus FD Series Accessories  
71169633 Foot Tare Swict for FD Series.
$85.50 Qty
80251140 In-Use Cover for FD Series.
$16.20 Qty
80251394 Hard Shell Carrying Case for FD series.
$59.40 Qty

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