POS Systems by Semicron Systems Age verifier for age verfication and State Compliance for the sale age restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco. ID-e Reader now allows you to keep a "compliance record" for use as legal defense in a court of Law.. Order by phone1-866-334-8194
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Stop Crime Before It Happens - Use Age Verifying Devices, Drivers License ID Reader

ID-e 2001 ID verifying deviceID ReaderID checking solution Did You Know?
Beyond detecting fake or altered drivers license, ID-e can also help you spot and stop credit card fraud. Allows you to TAG & BAN undesired customers.

Tricom ID Reader and Age Verifying System with integrated Magnetic Stripe and Barcode Reader is the ultimate portable electronic identification reader for age verification, ID checking and ID reading. It also helps in complying with State Laws for the sales of tobacco, alcohol, and other age restricted or controlled products and services. Tricom driver license ID verifier works with optional Tricom Compliance and Visitor Tracking Software to perform some tasks. Tricom age verifiers include ID-e2001 for reading only magnetic stripes, and the ID-e3000 for reading both magnetic stripes and barcodes. These devices help you in spotting fake driver' licenses and counterfeit credit cards. The ID readers read most USA States and Canada readable magnetic striped and 2-D bar coded formats. ID-e also allows you to scan ID and view instant VIP or Banned customer messages on the display. You can download the captured data to your computer for future viewing and reference. This function requires the optional Compliance Software or the ID-Base Software.

ID-e 3000ID-e Carrying case
• Table-top and/or Portable.
• Optional Ban feature - allows you to BAN
  undesired customers.
• Holds up to 6000 records - 4000 scanned
  records and 2000 Tagged Customers.
• View records right in your hand.
• Optional Barcode reading.
• Scroll through records in memory.
• AC/DC or AA Battery operation.
• Stops the use of FAKE ID's.

See Compatible States

id-e2001 Age verifier ID-e2001: ID-e Terminal only   See user manual
• For Magnetic Stripe States ONLY
• Comes with Wrist strap, power supply, and 2 AA batteries.
• Optional BAN Tag Feature   See BAN/TAG info

$395.00 Call for special price


id-e2001 Age verifier ID-e2001-CS: ID-e Terminal with Compliance Software
• For Magnetic Stripe States ONLY
• Comes with Wrist strap, AC/DC power supply, and 2 AA batteries.
• Optional BAN Tag Feature   See BAN/TAG info

$495.00 Call for special price


id-e3000 Portable Age verifier ID-e3000-S: ID-e Terminal with Barcode Reader   See user manual
• For Magnetic Stripe and Barcode States
• Comes with EZholder Stand, 9V 1.2mA AC/DC power supply.
• Optional BAN Tag Feature   See BAN/TAG info

$1049.00 Call for special price


Portable Age verifierid-e3000 portable ID-e3000-P: ID-e Terminal with Barcode Reader - Portable   See user manual
• For Magnetic Stripe and Barcode States
• Comes with EZholder Stand, EZCarrying case, 6 AA Batteries.
• Optional BAN Tag Feature   See BAN/TAG info

$1149.00 Call for special price


Motorized ID Scanner ID-e800: Motorized ID Scanner / Age Verifier - ID-e800 explained
• Captures 600 bpi image of every ID
• Comes with Visitor Management Age Verifier Software - watch IDe800 video.
• See how many times your customer or visitor has been there.
• Optional VIP and BAN customer Feature   See BAN/TAG info

$1425.00 Call for special price


compliance softwareID-eWare: Compliance Software
• Batch download data to your computer and transfer each record - See details
• View or edit data in Microsoft Word, Notepad
• Print reports from your computer.

$99.00 Call for special price

ID Base SoftwareIDBASE: Database Software
• Works with ID-e2001, ID-e2004, ID-eM300 Models, and Verifone Credit Terminals
• Filter, Sort, Print mailing labels and letters in just 2 clicks
• Sort, Filter data the way you want and Print Reports
• Auto Birthday Mailer
• Visitor Time Stamp reports
• Sort by AGE or Visit Date
• View reports in Spread Sheet format
• Export Records to other programs such as Microsoft Word
• See your customer trends, and track peak hours for special events
• Optional Tag and BAN customer feature
• Photograph on Database option (ID-eM300 ONLY) -   See details

$349.00 Call for special price

Before you buy an age verifier or drivers license reader, it is advisable to first consider the location where you will be using the device, and what it will be used for. For example, will you be using this device at a location where you will be serving customers from your state only, or will you be serving customers from out of state as well? If you plan to serve customers from your State only, you will need the ID Scanner that reads only your State's ID cards. If you plan to serve customers from your state as well as out of state, you will need the ID-e2004, which reads both Magnetic Striped and Bar Coded ID cards. You can purchase the IDe reader terminal only, or with the optional Compliance Software. This software allows you to download scanned data and transfer each record from the IDe Reader to your computer, view or edit data in Notepad, and print reports from your computer.

The ID-e driver's license reader has a built-in memory that can hold up to 4000 scanned and 2000 Tagged records. If you want to be able to BAN undesired customers from your establishment, this ID Scanner has a built-in BAN feature that allows you to perform this task. The ID-e Reader age verifier is an effective management tool that helps to keep track of the type of people who visit your business, and also keep Law Enforcement aware of the efforts you are making on State Compliance for selling controlled or age restricted products.

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Age Verification with Verifone Omni 3700

Verifone 3700Now, the Verifone Omni 3700 terminal can be used for processing credit card payments, as well as for age verification. This is done Simply by downloading the Age Verification Software into the VeriFone terminal. >>learn more.

Driver's License Reader

ID-e ReaderID-e Reader allows you to scan ID and instantly view banned and VIP customers on the display. Download and save captured data in your computer for future reference using the Compliance Software. >>learn more.

Keeping Your ID-e Reader Current

One of the functions of the ID-e is to update it on the latest driver license formats. The IDe Reader features the latest firmware to help transfer needed information from the factory to your IDe terminal. Tricom will send you notice of available state format upgrades as time goes on.

POS Age Verifier Software

Age Verifying SoftwareLoad this age verification software in your POS computer to verify age. When a drivers license is scanned, the age verifying screen appears, showing the results of the verification. >>learn more.

Privacy Statement

All users and owners of Age Verifiers are cautioned to be responsible in the use of the data reading and storage into the ID-e Reader. Erase data and records in accordance with applicable State Laws. Keep data and records out of reach of non-essential employees. Erase data and records when you no longer need them. Keep data and records only for legal defense.

Viage ID Scanners

ViAge ID VerifiersViAge is another brand of ID Verifiers with a proven effective and affordable solution for checking and detecting fake ID cards. Viage also reads Magnetic Striped and Bar Coded driver's licenses. >>learn more.

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