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Inventory Software - Perform Point of Sale Routine Inventory Count, Reduce Theft

Pocket Inventory Software is a mobile inventory tracking system that works with Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express POS Software to help you perform critical Point of Sale System functions such as routine inventory count, inventory management to reduce theft in your store.

This system bundle consists of handheld mobile computer with integrated barcode scanner, Pocket Inventory software, and Inventory Track Express software. The system allows you to scan and count all the items in your store inventory that have barcodes. No more pen and clipboard when performing physical inventory. You just point the handheld computer at the item and scan. Once the inventory has been scanned into the handheld computer, you may synchronize the data with your POS database using the required Inventory Track Express (ITE) software. To perform synchronization, just place the mobile computer on its cradle and click the synchronize button on the POS Software interface screen and your inventory database is synchronized. You can then run a report to compare your database inventory with the physical inventory. This report will help you spot any discrepancies.

Handheld Computer mobile inventory • Manage data at the point of activity
• Scan and count inventory
• Synchronizes with your POS database
• Simple point and scan operation
• Easy to operate
• Sends Inventory Count to PC
• No more pen and clipboard when doing
  physical inventory
• Easy Record Editing

MC55A-BNDL Mobile POS Inventory Bundle: Motorola, MC55A, Mobile Computer, WLAN 802.11ABG, Bluetooth, VGA Screen, 1D Laser Scanner, Windows Mobile 6.5, 256MB, Numeric Keypad. Includes Standard 1X 2400maH Battery, 1-Slot USB Cradle, Power Supply, Line Cord, USB Cable, Pocket Inventory Software, Inventory Track Express Software.
$1799 Qty
XM66W-BNDL Mobile POS Inventory Bundle: Janam, XM66, Rugged PDA, WLAN 802.11ABG, Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 6.1, 256MB, 1D Scanner, 2D-Ready, Numeric Keypad, 3.5 Inch Color Display, Micro SD Slot. Includes Standard Battery, 1-Slot USB Cradle, Power Supply, Line Cord, USB Cable, Pocket Inventory Software, Inventory Track Express Software.
$1499 Qty
ITE Inventory Track Express software Only. Requires Pocket Inventory Software and Mobile Computer.
$99 Qty
PCA-PI-LIC Pocket Inventory Software License - Software for Handheld Inventory Management.
$299 Qty

Every store must periodically take physical inventory. It is also important to compare how much of each inventory item you actually have, as opposed to what the computer says you have. Doing physical inventory will help you find where inventory shrinkage occurs.

Inventory Track Express (ITE) software is incorporated into Cash Register Express software, and acts like a control panel for physical inventory. ITE works with Pocket Inventory software for complete process. Pocket Inventory loads into the Portable data Terminal (Mobile Computer), and has the following three functions.

Count Inventory

Quick, point and scan inventory counter. You just point the mobile computer's scanner to the barcode and scan. Pocket Inventory generates a list of barcodes and their corresponding quantities.

Edit Inventory

You can upload your inventory from Cash Register Express to Pocket Inventory. This feature allows you to be out in your store, bring an item onto the mobile computer's screen and edit the description, cost, quantity, etc, and even print a barcode on the fly with optional portable barcode printer.

Purchase Orders

You can upload open purchase orders from Cash Register Express to Pocket Inventory. Once the PO shipment comes in, you may use Pocket Inventory to bring up the purchase order information and scan the items on the shipment to mark down the items you received.

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