POS Systems by Semicron Systems Major Benefits and Features of Cash Register Express (CRE) Software are listed below to help you in purchasing the right Retail POS System. Automate your retail store with Semicron Retail Point of Sell System and benefit from the many critical features of the CRE software. Order by phone1-866-334-8194
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Main Features and Benefits of Cash Register Express Software

Cash Register Express (CRE) Point of Sale solution is suitable and scalable for many types of retail stores, whether single store single station, single store multiple stations or multi-store environments. A partial list of major features and benefits of CRE software is shown below to help you in purchasing your next POS System.

System Installation and Setup

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Step-by-step procedure for installing and setting up the system is included

QuickBooks Compatible

  • Integrates with QuickBooks - transfer data from one to the other

Credit Card Processing

  • Process credit card manually or via the optional PCCharge or IC VERIFY credit card processing software

Inventory Control Functions

  • Inventory Control
  • Detailed Order history
  • Recall inventory
  • Out of stock reports
  • Re-order point alarms
  • Re-order and low stock reports
  • Vendor tracking
  • Multiple discounts levels
  • Purchase Order Generation- generates new purchase orders
  • Purchase Order Maintenance-review/reprint/mark off items as they are received
  • Non-Inventory Item- add an item to an invoice that is not part of your inventory
  • Add new inventory items -add new items to your inventory
  • Track serial numbers
  • Multiple pricing levels
  • Detailed inventory reports
  • Add inventory items at any time
  • Auto Cost Percentage for Non-Inventory Items

Create Departments or Categories for your Inventory Items

  • Allows you to group inventory items into different categories
  • Create as many departments or categories as you need
  • Assign Department IDs and Department Names you want
  • Search Department by ID or by name
  • Inventory report by Department. This report generates a complete listing of all the department IDs with their corresponding description.

Point of Sale Functions

  • Checkout customers fast
  • Many quick checkout options
  • Optional inventory lookups
  • Calculate and display change
  • Sale Pricing- place an item on sale for certain dates
  • Automatically calculates change

Customer Functions

  • Detailed customer history
  • Prints accounts receivable statements and reports
  • Look-Up Customer- list of all invoices processed for a particular customer
  • Add new customer- create a new customer account
  • Stores complete customer tracking
  • Accounts Receivable- make payment adjustments on a customer's account
  • Open accounts and set customer credit limits
  • Credit limit alert
  • Print Customer Labels- print labels for a customer on a barcode
  • Prints accounts receivable for customers owing money
  • Supports lay-away
  • Discount Levels- set up discount levels for customers
  • Customer Bonus- define bonus for customers
  • Bill To/Ship To (for mail order) - generates a list of customers and their ship to addresses
  • Add customer On-The-Fly
  • Prints mailing labels
  • Customer lookup by name or number
  • Track and print bar coded membership cards
  • Place transaction on hold and then process another transaction

Invoice Functions

  • Add notes to appear on the bottom of every receipt
  • Prints the ID of the cashier who processed a particular invoice
  • Allows you to put a customer's invoice on his account
  • Place an invoice on hold and then enter new transactions
  • Print On Hold Invoice- prints the invoice and puts it on hold
  • Void This Invoice- void the current invoice
  • Recall Invoice- display a completed or voided invoice
  • Recall On-Hold Invoice- recall an invoice placed on hold
  • Invoice Discount- apply a specific discount to the current invoice
  • Line Discount- apply a discount to a specific line of the current invoice
  • Tip Line on Credit Card Invoice- a line for tip amount on credit card invoice

Rental Functions

  • Deadbeat Control- lists all the items that are currently rented by a customer
  • Return Rentals - rent out items and put it back to the inventory when the item is returned
  • Number of Days Rent- set the number of days to rent an item without incurring any late charges
  • Daily Late Charge- set your return overdue fee
  • Rating- specifies the rating of a movie (Example: G, PG, PG-13, etc.)
  • Late Rentals Report- lists rentals that are currently overdue
  • Currently Rented Items- prints report of items that are currently rented
  • Rentals in Store- print report of rental items currently in the store
  • Rental History- runs a rental history of a rental item

Report Functions

  • Detailed sales history
  • Store old invoices.
  • Print reports to screen or printer
  • Daily Gross Profits- print the gross profit for a specified date
  • Print Daily Totals on Receipt Printer- Summary of all invoices for all cashiers
  • Detailed Daily Report- Detailed sales totals for the day
  • Grand Total by Cashier- print totals by cashier
  • Grand Total Sales by Item- print totals by item
  • Grand Totals by Payment Method- Breaks down invoices by payment methods (cash, check, credit card)
  • Grand Total by Date- Displays grand total for a given date
  • Inventory Report (Alphabetical) - list of all items in the inventory alphabetically
  • Inventory Report (Numerical) - list of all items in the inventory numerically
  • Inventory Report (Reorder) - inventory items that have fallen below reorder levels
  • Inventory Report, Matrix Quantity- items of a particular group in stock
  • Inventory Report, Daily Itemized Sales- number of sold of items on a particular date
  • Inventory Report, Sales Summary- monthly breakdown of reports

Unique Features

  • 10 Lines of Optional Notes
  • All details of every transaction stored
  • Reprint any receipt or invoice any time
  • Place an unlimited number of transactions on hold
  • Recall/edit/complete on hold transactions
  • Serial number tracking
  • Multiple tax rates
  • Split tender
  • Track back orders
  • MS Office compatible

Security Functions

  • Password Protection
  • Define the functions allowed for each cashier

Network Setup

  • Set up the system on a network of any kind


  • Supports Avery Berkel, Hobert, and CAS Cash Register Scale

Works with or without Mouse

  • Access every aspect of Cash Register Express using mouse or ordinary keyboard

TouchScreen Monitor

  • Supports Touch screen Monitor

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