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LS7708 Scanner Kit with EAS Antenna -

This Symbol LS7708 presentation scanner with Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna provides quick and accurate scanning, helping users save both time and money. Ideal for presentation and swipe scanning, the pos device combines the ease of hands-free with the versatility of handheld scanning. Its intuitive design, large scanning window and flexible operation can make check-out faster and more efficient, freeing up employees to focus on customer service. Designed to stand up to the toughest and busiest environments, this scanner is a cost-effective solution for medium to high-volume retail applications.

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LS7708 presentation scanner
LS7708 Omni-directional Scanner
• On-Counter model with EAS
• Omni-directional, presentation scanner
• Compact, small footprint
• High first-pass read rate for high volume retail applications
• Secondary Scanner Port to connect additional scanner
• The new standard in hands-free POS retail laser scanning

Bundled POS Systems for:

Deli Ice Cream Shop Bar Coffee Shop Dollar Store Liquor Store
Clothing Store Gift Store Jewelry Store Rental Store Flower Shop Cosmetics Shop
Cell Phone Store Convenience Store Candy Shop Food Delivery Grocery Store Fast Food
Fine Dining Pizza Restaurant Cafeteria Hardware Store Shoe Store Other Retail Stores