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LS1203 Laser Barcode Scanner

This Symbol / Motorola LS1203 handheld laser barcode scanner is bi-directional, and reads 1D bar codes. It is ideal for POS Systems, and delivers the functionality, features and reliability needed to improve efficiency at point of sale. It minimizes data entry errors, ensuring accuracy in all customer transactions. It also automates paper-based inventory processes.

LS1203 barcode scanner 3-year warranty

LS1203 Data Sheet

LS1203 barcode reader supports handheld as well as hands-free operations, and is ideal for gift shops, boutiques, video, sporting goods stores, jewelry stores, florists and many more. LS-1203 is easy to use, and delivers high quality laser scanning at an affordable price. It comes with a 3-year warranty, and its integrated multiple interfaces allow you to connect the device to host and computer systems. The scanner is easy and comfortable to use, and meets the needs of small businesses.

LS1203-1AZK0100SR Motorola LS1203, Keyboard Wedge Kit, White, 7ft PS2 Straight Cable, with Stand
$145 Qty
LS1203-7AZK0100SR Motorola LS1203, Keyboard Wedge Kit, Black, 7ft PS2 Straight Cable, with Stand
$145 Qty
LS1203-1AZU0100SR Motorola LS1203, USB Kit, White, 7ft USB Cable, with Stand
$145 Qty
LS1203-7AZU0100SR Motorola LS1203, USB Kit, Black, 7ft USB Cable, with Stand
$145 Qty
LS1203-1AZU0100ZR Motorola LS1203, USB Kit, White, 7ft USB Cable, No Stand
$145 Qty
LS1203-7AZU0100ZR Motorola LS1203, USB Kit, Black, 7ft USB Cable, No Stand
$145 Qty
Part# LS1203 Accessories  
20-73951-01R Motorola LS1203 Hands-Free Gooseneck Stand, White
$28 Qty
20-73951-07R Motorola LS1203 Hands-Free Gooseneck Stand, Black
$28 Qty
CBA-U01-S07ZAR Motorola LS1203 USB Cable, 7ft Straight
$27 Qty
CBA-K02-C09PAR Motorola LS1203 PS2 Coiled Cable, 9ft
$27 Qty
CBA-R01-S07PAR Motorola LS1203 RS232 Straight Cable, 7ft DB9 F
$25 Qty

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Cordless, Wireless Barcode Scanners:

Motorola MT-2070 Scanner
MT2070 Handheld Mobile Computer, with flexible deployment modes - Cordless, Wireless, corded and batch, and integrated Bluetooth, for a convenient cordless connection to a host device, up to 300 feet. This MT2070 POS scanner comes pre-loaded with advanced data capture capabilities and MCL client to facilitate porting of legacy applications.

DS3578 Cordless Scanner
DS3578 Cordless Scanner is a rugged and Omni-directional imager reader with integrated Bluetooth. It instantly captures virtually any type of bar code, and provides high-performance data capture in harsh industrial environments. With the DS3578, you can capture a photo of a product damaged on shipment and automatically append the image to the shipment record. You can wirelessly transfer the image to the cradle and on to your host computer.

Mobile Computers
Motorola Mobile Computers and Portable Data Collection devices help you track and manage your inventory. These Data Collectors allow you to capture and exchange data according to your specific business needs.

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