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Ohaus Aviator 7000 Price Computing Scale, Battery Power Option

The Aviator 7000 is a reliable and cost-effective portable retail scale with high speed operation. It is suitable for a variety of retail applications, including open markets, small specialty stores and mobile businesses. The scale is available in a tower model with pole display or a compact model with internal display. The scale features a POS printer interface that allows you to connect external printer or a POS System. It also can be powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery or a standard size D commercial battery, giving mobile businesses a complete mobility.

Aviator 7000 scale Aviator 7000 scale with display tower
Optional tower model
with tower display
Aviator 7000 Spec

Aviator 7000 features 100 PLU memory and 32 preset keys, enabling it to process weighing tasks extremely fast. It also has the ability to perform numerous operations including weighing with 100g price unit, calculating change, setting fixed unit prices, presetting tares, customized preset card, and more. The scale display features a bright, backlit LCD display with four lines. To save power, the backlit feature can be switched on or off to suite the ambient lighting. In addition, when not in use, the scale automatically goes into sleep mode, to conserve power.

72248760 Ohaus, A71P15DNUS, Price Computing Scale, 15 lb x 0.005lb / 30lb x 0.01lb, Internal Display.
$273 Qty
72248761 Ohaus, A71P30DNUS, Price Computing Scale, 30 lb x 0.01lb / 60lb x 0.02lb, Internal Display.
$273 Qty
72248762 Ohaus, A71P15DTNUS, Price Computing Scale, 15 lb x 0.005lb / 30lb x 0.01lb, Tower Display.
$311.5 Qty
72248763 Ohaus, A71P30DTNUS, Price Computing Scale, 30 lb x 0.01lb / 60lb x 0.02lb, Tower Display.
$311.5 Qty
Aviator 7000 Accessories
72237981 Ohaus, RS232 Cable, for connecting Aviator 7000 to POS System.
$25 Qty
72237984 Ohaus, USB Cable, for connecting Aviator 7000 to POS System.
$25 Qty
72249531 Ohaus, RS232 Cable, for connecting Aviator 7000 to Printer.
$25 Qty
72247115 Ohaus, Deep Pan, for Aviator 7000.
$58 Qty
72253293 Ohaus, Thermal Printer, for use with Aviator 7000.
$359 Qty
72255953 Ohaus, Thermal Paper Roll, 1 Roll, for use with Aviator 7000 Printer.
$12 Qty
72151831 Ohaus, NiMH Rechargeable Battery, 6 pack, for Aviator 7000.
$105 Qty
72231249 Ohaus, Keypad, Silicone, for Aviator 7000.
$19 Qty
72231250 Ohaus, Keypad, White Silicone, for Aviator 7000.
$15 Qty
72241852 Ohaus, Keypad, PET Layer, for Aviator 7000.
$10 Qty
72247038 Ohaus, In-Use-Cover, for Aviator 7000.
$10 Qty
72247039 Ohaus, In-Use-Cover, Pan, for Aviator 7000.
$16 Qty

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More Aviator 7000 Features :

Ohaus Aviator 7000 POS Scale
Application - Weighing and price computing.
Display - 4-line backlit LCD with 6-digit weight, 6-digit unit price, 7-didgit total price, and 4-digit preset tare line.
Power Requirements - Included AC Adapter or 6 alkaline batteries (not included) or 6 NiMH Rechargeable D-cell Batteries (not included).
Communication - built-in RS232 and USB. Cable accessories are RS232 to POS System, USB to POS System, and RS232 to printer.
Construction - ABS housing with stainless steel platform.
Design Features - 100 PLU and 24 preset keys plus exchangeable preset card and key-sheet layers, adjustable rubber with non-slip feet and front level bubble, integrated adapter storage and carrying handle.
Mobility - For mobile businesses, the scale can be powered by either standard D-cell batteries or NiMH Rechargeable batteries.
POS Add-Ons - The scale can be connected to an external printer or POS System via RS232 or USB.
Ergo Grip - Two ergonomic grips located on the side of the scale, in addition to its light weight makes it very easy to carry or transport the scale.

CAS S2000 price computing scale
See also CAS S2000Jr
Easy to use mobile and portable price computing scale. Ideal for candy store, specialty store, farmer's markets, bakeries, grocery stores, coffee shop applications.

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