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For locations without a phone line, Skymetry’s powerful monitoring alarm and control system uses built-in wireless technology that allows you to monitor your unattended remote facilities without telephone lines or specialized radio links. It provides wireless alarm delivery with a web-page interface for status, history, and programming.

Skymetry uses a specialized wide-area radio network to achieve maximum data delivery capability. Through this two-way network, you can receive detailed telemetry from your remote site when you want it. You can also transmit data directly to the site. Six analog inputs, eight dry contact inputs, and two output controls give Skymetry the ultimate edge in remote monitoring and control where other wireless products fail.

Skymetry's radio network is 100% dedicated to interactive, two-way monitoring and control applications. That is why there is no limit to how much data you can transmit from a site and how many alarms you may receive.

All the monitoring details of your remote site are stored within the Skymetry device itself, so there is no chance of a message not getting out if you do not have access to the Internet. While the monitoring services of a cellular telephone network require an intervening "data processing" center to capture, scrutinize, and then dispatch the alarm messages to you, Skymetry operates as a peer-to-peer device on the network. You receive the messages directly from the Skymetry system, not from a Skymetry processing center. You will gain more control over your unattended remote facilities than ever before. Alarms are dispatched directly to you and your support personnel instantly. You have the choice of receiving alarms through a voice telephone call, pager message, an e-mail message, or through our easy-to-use Skymetry website.

Details and information about your remote sites are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Skymetry website.

Today's complex infrastructure of remote managed facilities demands machine-to-machine capabilities, and Skymetry delivers on this challenge. Each Skymetry device has the ability to remotely control any of the outputs of up to eight remote Skymetry devices. Skymetry's built-in M2M capabilities far exceed those of many SCADA systems. There are no line-of-sight requirements. Whether 100 feet away or 100 miles, it is possible to monitor one site and remotely control a site several miles away. This means that a network of Skymetry devices are able to converse between one another to monitor and control specific actions without your intervention.

Discontinued - See CELL682

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