Sensaphone 1100 series
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Sensaphone 1100 Cottage Sitter for Monitoring Environmental Conditions

For businesses, property owners, computer rooms and more, the Sensaphone 1100 Series offers an easy, in-expensive way to help prevent expensive losses. Now, with Sensaphone 1104, 1108 or Cottage Sitter, you can protect your cottage, home, or cabin even when you can't be there. Sensaphone also monitors any unattended facility to detect power failures.

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Whether monitoring temperature, humidity levels, intrusion, water seepage, power or HVAC system failure, these affordable units keep watch around the clock, calling you with reports in voice-synthesized English in the event of a problem. You can also call in to the units any time for a status report.

The 1104 provides 4 alarm inputs and 4 phone numbers, while the 1108 model provides 8 alarm inputs and 8 phone numbers. Both models offer flexible programming and competent monitoring in affordable, easy-to-use desktop units. Integrating a keypad for easy programmability and a built-in microphone, the Series 1100 provides you with a dependable monitoring system with exactly the features you need to keep track of vital environmental conditions.

Operating on either touch-tone or pulse dialing systems, the 1100 series’ desktop design makes installation easy. Simply place the unit on any convenient, dry surface and wire the sensors to the unit. Units can also be wall-mounted. Includes nonvolatile memory. 24-hour battery backup with user installed batteries.

The Sensaphone 1104 and Sensaphone 1108 monitor your home or cottage, any unattended facility, to detect power failures, temperature extremes, intrusions, water incursion, sounds such as smoke and burglar alarms, and other conditions of your choice.

Sensaphone 1104, 1108 & Cottage Sitter are obsolete

Replaced by Sensaphone 400 OR Sensaphone 800
Sensaphone 1104
Sensaphone 1104

Sensaphone 1108

Cottage Sitter
Cottage Sitter

Sensaphone Accessories:

Sensaphone accessories such as water detection sensors, power supply, motion detectors,
smoke detectors, temperature sensors and much more.       Make selection here.

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