Choosing Sensaphone monitoring device
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Choosing the Right Sensaphone Environmental Monitoring Device & Sensors

We understand some people may have difficulty determining which Sensaphone monitoring device and sensors they need for their application. Here, we try to explain some of the factors that will help you decide on which product model best fits your needs. Most of the Sensaphone devices and sensors will perform very well in more than one type of application. Choosing the right Sensaphone will depend on your specific requirements. Here are the things that you should consider when selecting a Sensaphone for your application.

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sensaphone applications
Sensaphone device for Greenhouse
1104 & 1108
Data Center
Data Center using IMS4000
Vacation Home with Cottage Sitter
Cottage Sitter
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Plant with Sensaphone Device
Cold Storage
Cold Storage with Sensaphone 1400
1400 & 1800

Number of Inputs
The first step in selecting a Sensaphone is to determine how many inputs you need. Each different condition that you wish to monitor requires its own input. Look at the number of inputs available on each Sensaphone, but also consider your future requirements.

You can plan ahead by selecting a model with more inputs than you currently need, or select a model like the Express II or the SCADA 3000 that can be expanded in the future.
Sensaphone Express Input Module

Type of Inputs
Depending on what conditions you plan on monitoring, you may need to select a Sensaphone that supports special input types. For example, if you need to monitor very low temperatures you will need a product like the 1400 or 1800 that can measure down to ╱°C.

If you are planning on using industrial 4-20mA transducers, you will need to select a Sensaphone that supports 4-20mA inputs. Some of the Sensaphone products like the STATIONSitter and the SCADA 3000 even have a 24VDC power supply to provide battery backed loop power for the 4-20mA transducers.
SCADA 3000 input modules

Next is the enclosure. If your application is inside a home or inside a clean, indoor environment, you can use a product like the 1104 or 1108. But if you need to install your Sensaphone outdoors, or in a not-so-clean environment like a barn or a shop floor, you many need a more rugged, sealed enclosure. In this case, look for a product with a NEMA-4 enclosure like the 1400, 1800, or Express II.

Other enclosure options are a panel mount, found on the Sensaphone 2000, SCADA 3000, and STATIONSitter, or a rack mount design as the IMS-4000 series has.
NEMA-4 enclosure for Sensaphone

Special Functions
Some of the Sensaphone products have special functions that you may need in your application. For example, if you need data logging and trending, you should look at the Sensaphone 2000 or SCADA 3000.

For duplex pump control, consider the STATIONSitter, or for more complex control, consider the SCADA 3000. If your monitoring location does not have a phone line to use, take a close look at the Skymetry product which communicates wirelessly. Or, if you need a product that connects directly to your local Ethernet network, then the IMS-4000 is the product for you.
SCADA 3000 Pump control

Sensaphone device applications

Sensaphone Accessories
Sensaphone accessories, including water detection sensors, power supply, motion detectors, smoke detectors, temperature sensors and much more.   Make selection here.

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