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Devices for RPE mobile
Restaurant Pro Express Mobile POS Software on a handheld Apple iTouch or iPhone device, offers restaurant managers and owners all the functionalities of a traditional point of sale, plus higher table turnover, less wait time, increased order accuracy, and secure credit card payments, where the customer's card never leaves the table.

Waiter takes orders at the table
Restaurant Pro Express Mobile allows users to integrate pre-existing inventory and menu items quickly and easily.
Waiter takes orders at the table Retail POS system Packages
Waiters can now take orders at the table and process credit card securely through the attached credit card reader.
Waiter takes orders at the table Retail POS system Packages
Ideal for hospitality applications such as restaurants, nightclubs, bars, other environment that requires wireless POS System.
RPE-MOBILE Restaurant Pro Express Mobile POS Software License. Requires Apple iPhone or iTouch, Restaurant Pro Express software with valid Tech Support, RPE Mobile Support, and RPE installation assistance.
$299 Qty
RPE-MOBILE-SUPP Restaurant Pro Express Mobile POS Software, Tech Support.
$50 Qty
RPE-MOBILE Restaurant Pro Express Mobile Software, Installation Assistance.
$150 Qty
C31C564011 Epson, Mobilink, TM-P60, Wireless Mobile Thermal Receipt Printer, with 802.11b, Dark Gray. Includes Battery and Belt Clip. (Order charger or AC/DC power supply separately). See more Mobilink options.
$569 Qty

RPE Mobile Benefits:

  • Streamlined order processing
  • Minimize or eliminate losses due to inaccurate order entry
  • Prompts waiter to up-sell or cross-sell
  • Higher table turnover, which leads to increased customer throughput
  • Reduced customer wait times
  • Ability to expand seating by taking orders outdoors
  • Broadcast messages to other waiters or server

RPE Mobile Features:

  • Easy interface
  • Take orders at the table
  • Accept credit card payments with signature capture
  • Split checks
  • Ability to e-mail receipts to your customers
  • Send orders to print or display in the kitchen
  • Share menu with primary point of sale system
  • Print receipt on Epson Mobilink wireless mobile printer

RPE Mobile System Requirements:

  • RPE Mobile software license
  • Apple iPhone or iTouch
  • RPE POS software with valid Tech Support
  • RPE mobile tech support
  • RPE mobile installation assistance
  • Optional Epson Mobilink wireless mobile receipt printer

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Epson Mobilink Wireless Mobile Receipt Printer

Epson mobile printer
TMP60 is the best-selling high speed, compact and cost-effective wireless printer that works with Restaurant Pro Express mobile software. Mobilink is designed for both retail and hospitality environments that require high-speed wireless mobile and on-the-go thermal receipt printing. >>learn more.

Take Orders with iTouch or iPhone

Restaurant Pro Express Mobile is a point of sale software that enables restaurant servers and waiters to take orders and process payments securely at tableside. This has been shown to reduce wait times and also allows the establishment to provide a higher level of service. RPE Mobile is used in a variety of retail and hospitality applications including nightclubs, restaurants, bars, or any environment requiring wireless mobile POS receipt printing. This software interfaces easily with Epson Mobilink wireless printer.

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