POS Systems by Semicron Systems Enterprise Edition requires the web portal and optional Reporting, Inventory, Purchasing, and Employee Modules. Cash Register Express / Restaurant Pro Express Enterprise Edition for managing more than one stores. Order by phone1-866-334-8194
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Enterprise Edition of Cash Register Express & Restaurant Pro Express

Remotely managing multiple retail stores from one location is now easier with Cash Register Express (CRE) / Restaurant Pro Express (RPE) Enterprise Edition Web Portal. If you own or manage multiple restaurant or retail stores, then you may already know how hard it is to manage all of them remotely. The Enterprize Edition web POS portal by PCAmerica make it easy to manage multiple stores remotely from one location. With this system, you can remotely configure POS hardware and software for individual or group of stores. You can also generate reports, transfer inventory between stores, and track employees from one location.

Cash Register Express / Restaurant Pro Express Enterprise Edition
• Watch your stores
• Generate reports
• View sales totals
• View top selling items
• Reports for employee hours
• Add new inventory items
• Make price changes
• Add new vendors
• Add new departments
• View inventory levels of other stores
• Share accounts receivable information
• Share bonus points information
• Global customer database
• Centralized purchasing
Here Is How The Enterprise Edition Works
If you have multiple stores at different locations, and you want to be able to manage the remote stores remotely. You will install the Enterprise Edition of your choice of Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express POS Software at each of the store locations. The Enterprize Edition works in both single station and multi station store environments. You will subscribe to a web Portal service. Each store location communicates with a web site portal. You can then access the web portal to run reports, make changes, etc.

Here are the items you need to accomplish this
1. Cash Register Express or Restaurant Pro Express Enterprise Edition at each store location.
2. Web Portal setup
3. Function Modules. Note that Modules determine the functionality of the web portal. Available Modules are :
    a. Reporting Module – Allows for reporting
    b. Inventory Module – Allows for adding or editing inventory
    c. Purchase Order Module – Allows for creating purchase orders
    d. Employee Module – Allows for adding or editing employees.
4. Tech Support Contract

The different sections and functions of the POS Portal

The POS Web Portal makes it possible to manage remote restaurant or retail stores that have internet access. It allows for configuration and setup of product or inventory departments and categories, inventory items, kitchen printers and bump bars, touchscreen monitors, purchase orders and vendors for individual or groups of stores, order transfers between stores, generate reports, and manage employees, job codes, time clock and wages.

Inventory Management

  • Bump Bars – you will be able to select a store and edit the bump bars at that store.
  • Categories – you will be able to select a store or multiple stores and configure the categories at the stores.
  • Departments – you will be able to select a store or multiple stores and configure the departments at the stores.
  • Inventory Items – you will be able to select a store or multiple stores and configure the inventory items at the stores.
  • Kitchen Printers – you will be able to select a store and add or remove kitchen printers at that store.
  • Purchase Orders – you will be able to select a store and create or modify purchase orders for that store.
  • Touchscreen Monitors – you will be able to select a store and configure the touch screen monitor at that store.
  • Vendors – you will be able to select a store and add, modify, and delete vendors.
  • Inventory Order (Item Transfers) – you will be able to arrange the transfer of inventory items between stores.

Store Management

  • Store Groups – you can create, add or remove stores to and from, and delete store groups.


  • Employee – you can generate employee reports including Cash Pickups, Commissions, Hours and Wages, Employee Listing, Labor Cost, Payroll Hours, Payroll Hours by Store, Sales by Rep Summary, Store Status, Tips.
  • Inventory – you can generate inventory reports including Inventory Item Activity, Report List for each item and for each store, Inventory Movement, Inventory Sales Summary, Pending Orders, Pending Order Details.
  • Sales – you can generate sales reports including Sales Totals, Daily Totals, Invoice Totals, Invoice Total by Customer, Payout Report, Product Mix, Product Mix by Store, Receipt Listing, and Returns.

Employee Management

  • Employee Maintenance – you can create, disable, and modify employees at any of the stores.
  • Job Code – you can create, modify, an delete a job code.
  • Time Clock Management – you can view record of time clock record at any of the stores.

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