Sensaphone IMS4000, IMS-4000, a programmable data center facility environmental condition monitoring system.
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Spensaphone IMS-4000 Features & Specifications

Whether your monitoring needs are a single server room or a wide area network, IMS-4000 is the solution
that will grow with your needs. Each IMS-4000 network begins with an IMS-4000 Host unit. From the Host
you can network additional remote monitoring Nodes, extending the reach of your IMS monitoring solution.

This one-of-a-kind solution will change the way you think about computer room and network monitoring.

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• Each Host supports up to 31 IMS-4000 Nodes
• Host and Node each monitor 8 environment conditions
• Supports 64 IP addresses per Host and Node
• Internal battery backup
• 1U rack-mountable configuration, or wall-mountable
• 230 / 115v auto-power sensing
100% Fault Tolerant: The IMS-4000 Host and Node have no moving components - non-volatile storage eliminates disk problems.
Internal UPS: Each unit contains its own internal UPS so that power failures will not stop it from getting the message out when
  your infrastructure is in trouble.
Cable failure: The IMS-4000 even senses the condition of cable connections. If a cable failure occurs in your infrastructure,
  you will be notified immediately.
Monitor more than your network: With the use of the IMS Dry Contact Bridge, you can monitor devices outside your network
  that affect its environment, such as air conditioners and UPS systems.
Data Logging: Full event-history and trending are provided with the IMS-4000 Data Logging feature. Userselectable sampling
  lets you store critical information about your infrastructure by the minute, hour or day. Data can be used for graphing, database
  or auditing and review.

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Sensaphone IMS-4000 Specifications

Host Operating Specifications
Temperature 221-23° F
Humidity 5-90% RH non-condensing
Power Supply 90-260VAC 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 25 Watts
Power Connection IEC 320
Dimensions 1.75" H x 9.5" D x 19" W
Backup Battery 12V 2.9 AH Sealed Gel Cell
Backup Time 3.5 Hours

Host Communications Specifications
Ethernet 10Base-T, 10 Mbps
RS-232 DB9, 9600bps, DTE
Modem 33.6Kbps
Fax Group 3, 14.4Kbps
Voice Processor Yes

Host Environmental Monitoring
Internal Monitoring AC Power (True RMS Voltage), Backup Battery Level, Sound Level (in dB)
Number of Sensor Ports 8
Sensor Types Temperature, Humidity, Water, Power, Infrared Motion, Smoke, Dry Contact
Sensor Input Connector RJ-45
Sensor Cables CAT-5, 568B
Cable Length 1000 ft
Visual Indicators LEDs, Normal and Alarm
External Microphone 3.5mm jack, electret condenser

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