LS3000 Kitchen display system
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Logic Net, Logic Controls LS3000 Kitchen Display Bump Bar System

The Logic Net kitchen display system was specifically designed to meet the most demanding kitchen system requirements. It is a cost-effective solution because it requires no PC workstations, no network hubs, no network adapters or interface cards, no network software.

Logic Net is comprised of the LM3000 Series control modules and LS3000 Series I/O workstations. The LM3000 control module is attached to the server via an Ethernet, serial or USB connection, and up to 16 LS3000 I/O workstations are in turn connected to the LM3000 control module.

Logic Net LM3000 / LS3000 Kitchen Display System
Kitchen Display System
bump bar keyboard
Logic Net is a highly reliable computer network system ideal for many dedicated applications in industries such as kitchen and factory automation. This new network system replaces the PC's at each workstation with a small rugged module. The Logic Stations (LS3000) are connected together and to the Logic Master (LM3000) by a RS485 multi-drop cable loop. The LM3000 can be connected to the server via RS232, USB or Ethernet interface. With Ethernet interface, the LM3000 is IP addressable.

In a typical Logic Net system, one PC, through a single LM3000 master module, can control up to 16 remote LS3000 modules. Each LS3000 in turn drives a multitude of peripheral devices such as VGA monitor, keyboard, and peripherals with a serial interface, to make a complete workstation. Logic Controls' patented interface technology enables a single LS3000 module to drive a large number of peripherals without any added hardware. Each LS and LM module is housed in a small rugged die cast case, measuring only 5"L x 6"W x 1"H.

View LM3000 Specifications

View LS3000 Specifications

Discontinued. See LS6000

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