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Synercard Asure ID Connect - Free Internet-enabled photo ID software for small organizations.

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  The Free Internet enabled digital identity and photo card management software solution that allows organizations to design, securely transmit and produce their own personalized photo ID cards using an Asure ID Card Service Bureau on a 'pay as you print' basis.

Why Use Asure ID Connect ?

Affordable for any size of company.
Until Asure ID Connect, most small companies were unable to justify the cost of using photo ID cards. Now with free software and a "pay as you print" approach to photo ID card production, any company can implement a digital identity card program.   Click here to buy

Simple to learn, a breeze to use.
A simple user interface and easy drag and drop design tools ensure that professional looking cards with customized backgrounds and logos can be produced by anyone with even minimal software experience.

Big Security for small organizations
Asure ID Connect puts the ability to produce photo ID cards in the hands of all organizations and contributes to more effective security systems. It can also open up a long list of other digital identity and photo card application possibilities.     Click here to buy

Key Features:
• Secure transmission of card data using industry leading encryption and digital signing technology
• Supports most industry standard image formats
• Encodes barcodes (including 2D PDF417 and Datastrip) and magnetic stripes
• Easy drag & drop (WYSIWYG) design tools to enable professional looking cards with customized backgrounds and logos.
• Capture photos with integrated Asure ID Imago or any TWAIN compliant device
• Import from any ODBC compliant database
• QuickStart Guide for easy setup
• Available in multiple languages

Minimum System Requirements:
• 300Mhz MMX Intel or AMD CPU
• 64MB RAM
• 2MB Video Card
• SVGA Monitor at 800 x 600 resolution
• CD-ROM Drive
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
• MS Windows 98 SE or,
• MS Windows NT4.0 (requires Service Pack 6a) or,
• MS Windows 2000 (requires Service Pack 2 or higher) or,
• MS Windows XP
• Internet connection (used for communication with an Asure ID Card Service Bureau (Asure ID Server))

Optional Requirements For Enhanced Security:
USB port or Mini PS/2 Keyboard port and one available COM port for smart card reader (Asure ID Secure)

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